The Injustice…

The injustice handicapped people face in today’s society

 Society has a very skewered view when it comes to people with a disability and I’d like to discuss that today. I’m sure you’ve all faced discrimination and rejecting by today’s society, an injustice that stays with you.

For example, there’s this misconception that I’ve heard several times before, that supposedly autistic people are ‘stupid’, which is a huge injustice toward autistic people as they are very gifted (some can create the most beautiful art, some can do the hardest math question in the world without having to think it over, and if I’ve read correctly, autistic people tend to have a photographic memory). So it bothers me a lot when society presents autistic people as stupid, when they are anything but.

So that’s one example of an injustice done to people with a disability, or just people who are different. People with a disability are often looked at and talked about in a negative way, and are often treated very poorly (sometimes even by their own family). Often, people who are disabled are invisible in the eyes of others, as if we don’t matter or are somehow less than them, which we are not!

I’m of the opinion that people should be educated about what it is like for people with disabilities, then maybe they wouldn’t treat us in such hurtful ways. Off course there are people who just don’t want to be educated, because they simply don’t care, those are the worst kinds of people we have to deal with, because not only do they not understand or have knowledge about us, but they don’t want to understand, because in their eyes we are useless.

Everyone, disabled or not, black or white, Chinese or American, should be treated as equals. It’s like how women had to fight for their right to vote, or hold a ‘man’s job’, people with disabilities have to fight to have their voice heard in this world.

Take for example placards to park in a handicapped zone. Often, when you are young or you look healthy, and you have such a placard, you might face verbal attacks by complete strangers, saying you have no right to park there because you are ‘too this’ or ‘too that’. People seem to forget that anyone, no matter their age, gender or race, can become disabled. Instead of butting in where they have no right too, people should mind their own business and not question the validity of handicapped parking placards of people they’ve never even met. Another injustice of society today!

If you are a person in a wheelchair, prepare for a lot of looks thrown your way, people watching you as you pass by simply because you’re in a wheelchair, and people acting as if you’re not even there. I’ve had moments when I am in the wheelchair, that I’m being stared at like crazy, is it because I’m in a wheelchair, or that I’m young, or is it because I don’t look sick? I couldn’t say. People in wheelchairs, or just other disabilities, can often be ignored in a conversation, as if we’re too stupid to understand because we are disabled. Another injustice!

For certain disabled people, there is another big injustice they face. The right to chose to live on your own or live in a facility designed to help disabled people, but are often ill equipped and understaffed. Some people with disabilities are forced to move into a ‘home’ for the disabled, against their will, as if you’re putting an animal in it’s cage. Isn’t one of our greatest values free will? Then why does that free will get stripped away from certain people? All I can say to this is that it’s not fair, it’s not fair at all.

Then there is the issue of the work place. A lot of disabled people that really shouldn’t work anymore have no choice but to work to survive and often the work place can be a very hostile environment for people with disabilities. You might get bullied and harassed, used and emotionally abused, treated like garbage really. It’s not right at all, but it happens a lot. Employers refuse to understand your disability and colleagues then often follow the employers example, creating a toxic work place. You can report this, but little gets down about it usually.

And then we have the disability welfare issue. A lot of people with disabilities who can no longer work, get denied their disability payment, for one reason or another. It’s like the government is hell bent on making it even harder for us with disabilities, we get no support at all from the government, to be honest. That’s another injustice we face right there. An injustice we shouldn’t be facing at all. And not only that, but it certainly shouldn’t take years to decide whether or not to approve someone for disability, that’s just ridiculous in my opinion. I mean come on, they’ll put recently paroled convicts in flats in half way houses, but they’ll let disabled people go hungry and wind up on the streets, where’s the justice in that? Isn’t it scandalous that criminals get treated better than disabled people? I think it is.

And while we’re at it, let’s talk about children with disabilities and the injustice they face even as a little kid. Children with disabilities are often bullied, emotionally and physically, and constantly belittled by their peers. And what do the school officials do about it? Nothing, they’ll tell you to write a letter of complaint to the school board, or to put your child in a special needs school and then they turn their backs on you. I’m not saying everyone’s like that, there are teachers who do the best they can, but how much good can their best do if they’re not backed by their school? One person alone cannot go up against an unjust system, it’s just not feasible. Another injustice here.

Another injustice certain people with disabilities face is that they get treated like a freak show. People who sound or look weird, people who can do things with their body that shouldn’t be possible, even people who are in a wheelchair, or whatever disability you have, some people will treat us like a freak show, or like a shiny new toy to play with sometimes as well. There was this one time I was in the ER, and I was waiting for the doctor to come back to discharge me, when suddenly a whole bunch of interns came into the room, because they’d never seen anyone with my disease (Ehlers-Danlos) and they wanted to know what it was like and see what I could do. I was treated like their new toy during that moment and that shouldn’t have been acceptable. Doctors should always treat their patients with respect, always! Sadly, a lot of people with disabilities get no respect at all, another injustice done to us.

There’s so much more I could say on this topic, but I’ll leave it here because I’d like to do a follow up on this topic and I’ll need the help of my readers. I would like to do a blog on this subject, bringing to light issues different people with different disabilities have faced. So, if you’re interested in this, send me a pm on facebook or leave a comment here and I’ll get back to you. And do let me know what you think of this topic, thanks all ❤

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2 gedachtes over “The Injustice…

  1. Thank you for pointing out so many things we, the disabled, have to deal with. The Americans with Disabilities Act is a joke. Though very disabled, my colleagues, administrators, and even the district personnel broke every single law on the books, and though I did what I could, my family had to move, become close to bankruptcy, and are holding on while lawyers (the only way you can seem to get what you have paid for all of your working life, 30 years in my case) have to take over because I can’t do it physically, emotionally, or mentally. I never would have believed people could be so cruel, or decide that they have the right to determine who is worthy and who is not.


    • Thank you hon, and I agree, the disability act is a joke, not just in America, but here in Belgium as well. People who don’t need it get disability payment and those who do need it and should get it get nothing. I’m sorry you went through all that


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