The shame of Kanye West!

So, I told myself I wasn’t going to do this, I would not comment on this ridiculous event, but since it keeps getting thrown in my face everywhere I look, I’m gonna comment on it after all.

I’m sure by now most of you have heard of the Kanye West ‘wheelchair incident’, where Kanye stopped his show and refused to continue until everyone was standing, and when two people who are handicapped did not stand, he actually send his bodyguard to go check if they were actually disabled.

I think this whole incident is scandalous. Firstly I already find it scandalous that he refused to perform until everyone was standing. People pay to see his shows, so it should be their choice if they want to stand or not, he had no right to ask that of his fans at all! That just shows how conceited he is.

And sending his bodyguard to check if those two people were actually disabled or not was scandalous, I think. Everyone was telling him, yet he still felt the need to have it checked out? Makes me outraged!

What if someone who doesn’t always need a wheelchair or crutches if they know they’ll be able to sit is forced to stand up because they don’t ‘look’ ill or disabled? What then? Would he have cancelled the rest of the concert if that person refused to stand, or would that person have stood up and silently suffered in pain for the rest of the concert? That’s one question that’s been going through my mind since this happened.

Kanye is a perfect example of what is wrong with today’s society. He’s one of those people who needs to ‘see’ a disability for it to be there. What about all of us with invisible disabilities? What would he have done if we said we were disabled and therefore couldn’t stand too long – would he have told us to leave? Would he have left himself? Because obviously he wouldn’t have believed us because we don’t ‘look’ disabled.

And he should know better, he’s a damn celebrity for Christ sake, he should set a good example for his fans to follow, not show the example that it’s OK to go and check if someone is actually disabled or not, he had no right!

My previous blog was about the injustice disabled people suffer in society, Kanye West is another injustice we have to suffer through, unfortunately. He should get an invisible illness, feel what it’s actually like, then he would never have done this. He deserves to feel what we feel after what he did. He’s everything that’s wrong in our society, and that’s the last I’m saying about him. Oh, and no, I don’t think Kanye deserves to get sick like us, I think he deserves at least one day of feeling the way we do, just so he can gain some understanding and compassion, things he is clearly lacking!

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